Sutton Arts Theatre

2013/14 Season



“The ability of the cast to breathe life into their characters is vital in a plot in which very little physically happens, Elena Serafinas as Andree (borrowing some zany moves from Phyllis Diller), and Valerie Tomlinson as Alicia, have great fun hamming up their parts while Robert Alexander is a suitably unctuous Butler.”

The Ghost Train

“Newlyweds the Murdochs, Joseph Hicklin and Michelle Dawes, draw the maximum out of two underwritten roles while Christina Peak as Julia Price has great fun with her dramatic appearance and role.”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“In this instance the term “amateur” relates to the performers giving their time for free only, as the professionalism evident in every aspect of proceedings is the predominant impression, entertaining, and delighting, a full house.”

Run For Your Wife

“Although the first half of the night took a little while to warm up, by the end, the laughter was constant, clothes were off and a brilliantly handled confessional finale with all protagonists on stage was a satisfying end to a very enjoyable night”


“An appreciative audience basked in the glow of a cast which radiated warmth , and was tantalised by the aroma of a real Indian takeaway ordered onstage! A well-staged revival, come and see this show.”

The Kingfisher

“Director Mavis Atkinson places the proceedings in its time, with a detailed single set meticulously crafted by John Islip and his team, in the garden of a country house. She deftly manages a convincing cast who are all of the age of their characters. Her success is in producing characters rather than the characterisations which might have appeared.”

Caught On The Hop

“Its success is wholly dependent upon the energy and brio of the characterisation. Fortunately Sutton Arts were well up to the challenge with Ian Cornock and Alison Daly co-directing, the latter in addition to her acting duties.”

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